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Cori Anderson grew up in Colorado and has reported on Denver's art and culture scene for 303 Magazine, Westword, 5280 and DARIA since 2016. Cori's expertise with everything from graffiti to Impressionism has earned her a place as a top advocate for art and artists in Denver. With over 450 articles published focusing on the merits of public art, accessibility in art, and street art, she's distilled her vision for a future where creativity is around every corner. In addition to advocating for art, Cori expresses her own creativity through writing poetry and painting murals inspired by geometry, graffiti, and the patterns of her Scandinavian ancestors.



The Street Art Network educates, inspires, and connects people with street art through mural commissions, resources for artists, and documentation and preservation efforts. We operate with the belief that public art has the power to unite and inspire communities in ways that indoor art simply cannot duplicate. Our mission is to support the creative entrepreneurs who take to the streets with their art while giving them a platform to collaborate, network, fund projects and spread their message.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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