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FREquently Asked Questions

Where are all the murals in Denver?
If you are looking for an independent way to explore the street art scene in the Mile High City, take a look at Find MASA's website. Fans of murals and street art upload photos and locations of their favorite pieces, and you have all the resources at your fingertips to find them on your own.


What makes The Street Art Network so credible?
We are uniquely qualified to guide you through Denver's street art scene. We've spent years cultivating personal relationships with many local and traveling artists. The founder, Cori Anderson, is an art aficionado — having written over 400 articles about Denver art in the last four years. 


Am I allowed to take photos of street art?
Yes. Take as many as you want. But, always give artist credit (by tagging their accounts on social media) or simply including their name. If you plan on making money off a photo of an artist's work, make sure you contact the artist for permission. All public art, even though it is in the public domain, is technically owned by the artist under intellectual copyright laws. If you want to shop through professionally produced street art photographs, please visit our sister site Great Walls of Denver.

How do I commission a mural on a business or home?

Please contact us with your ideas, the dimension of the wall or space you wish to transform, your budget, and an approximate timeline. We work with a variety of artists who create in different styles, techniques, and mediums and can find the perfect fit for you. Additionally, we will handle all of the materials, equipment rental, permit applications, and communication necessary for your project. 

How do I know your site is secure?
The Street Art Network is powered by Wix. Wix makes sure the site is safe and secure for all transactions with a bank-level SSL certification. We might be rebels, but we make sure other rebels won't get your information. 

I want to see a specific mural. Can you take me there?
Specific murals, street art, graffiti and other public art installations change on a regular basis. That's the nature of street art. We cannot always guarantee you will see a specific piece, though we are open to requests. We offer private tours that can be customized to your needs or wants. 

Is there illegal graffiti in Denver? 
Yes. Of course. You just need to know where to look.

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