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We take your mural dreams and make them a reality by collaborating with our network of artists to create something stunning. Our role is to organize all the logistics of each project (materials, equipment, proposals, creation) and offer you one price that includes everything. The process of painting a mural is kind of like writing a book (something our founder knows something about) and so we like to describe it in chapters.  

Chapter 1: Possibilities 

- On-site meeting between us and you

- Discussion about your idea for the space and mural 

- Submission of your "vision board" including artist preferences if you have any

- Agree on the measured dimensions of the space/wall/canvas/other

Chapter 2: Agreements

- We give you the one price that it will all cost

- If you agree, we sign artwork commission agreements which also detail the timeline for completion

- You pay the upfront deposit (usually 20% of the overall cost)

Chapter 3: The Fun Begins

- Now is the time to start talking design. If an artist is already chosen by this point, this step is all about sketches and revisions. If an artist has not been chosen yet, this stage allows you to tell us what you're looking for in more specific terms than our first meeting. This includes color choices, any "no ways," and any "must-haves."

- Design is submitted and approved 

Chapter 4: Paint the world! 

- The artist paints the mural according to schedule 

- No more revisions to the design in this chapter 

- The rest of the payment is due upon completion


- We have Denver's best mural photographer, Peter Kowalchuk, on our side. He will create a breathtaking photo of your new mural. To see some examples, visit Peter Kowalchuk's website.

- Add-ons are available, such as a written bio about the artist, a folder of work-in-progress images, and even stickers designed by the artist. 

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