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10 Colorado Murals With Messages of Love

Forget the flowers and romantic dinners this year. If you want to spread love, take notes from these 10 street artists who use positive messaging in their murals.

10 - KiriLeigh Jones

Photos by Cori Anderson ©

All the messaging you need to hear is in these two murals by locally-based artist KiriLeigh Jones. Together with her hand-painted flowers, these little gems should brighten anyone's day.

Where to find it: 29th Street Mall in Boulder, CO

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9 - Pepe Gaka

Photo by Cori Anderson ©

Cruise down West Colfax to see this vibrant reminder right next to Casa Bonita (the pink building in the background. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it and thank me later). It was painted by Pepe Gaka for 40 West Arts District.

Where to find it: Lamar Station Plaza on West Colfax and Pierce Street

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8 - Shantell Martin

Photo by David Moke ©

Shantell Martin is a British-born artist who has visited Denver more than once in the last few years, leaving her art and her mark on the Mile High City. This photo is from her first visit, where she painted the sidewalks and pillars by the Colorado Convention Center with her illustrative doodles in black and white. Throughout her doodles you'll find different words, all of which are positive in their own way.

Where to find it: Pedestrian walkway connecting 14th and Stout Street

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7 - Menace Two, Resa Piece aka Menaceresa

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk ©

You won't be able to find this one on your own because it's already been painted over a few times. But while it rode on this wall, it symbolized more than the words it portrays -- "Love Awakening" or "Awakening Love" -- however you prefer to see it. It was painted by a couple, Menace Two and Resa Piece, as they traveled across the country spreading art and love.

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6 - Pat Milbery

Photo by Cori Anderson ©

This mural is another one of the past, replaced with others that don't spread as much love. But while it was up, it inspired many with its positive messaging about loving yourself. Which is the hardest lesson in love for many of us. This was also sponsored by Kaiser Permanente to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

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5 - Mike Graves

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk ©

"Fight the good fight" is a sentiment that extends to many things, but in this case, it extends to a particularly intimate friend of the artist who was fighting disease. Take it as you wish, with whatever fight you're going through, as long as it's a good one.

Where to find it: Denver, CO

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4 - Armando Silva

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk ©

In the words of the Cowardly Lion, "true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid." But in the world of love, courage is about searching for love even if it seems like no one wants to give it to you. In the world of love, courage is about facing the fears of loneliness, of jealousy, of betrayal. Love is a courageous act and this breathtaking mural by Armando Silva in Greeley perfectly embodies that.

Where to find it: Greeley, CO

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3 - Patrick Kane McGregor

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk ©

With all the mushy messages, this one by Patrick Kane McGregor, featuring a portrait of Richard Pryor and the saying "why don't we boycott killing each other?" is a mural based on love that might get more people's attention with its no-nonsense attitude.

Where to find it: Rock Steady, 2100 Curtis Street, Denver, CO

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2 - Lindee Zimmer

Photo by Peter Kowalchuk ©

Painted at the end of last year (and organized by us at The Street Art Network) this mural by Lindee Zimmer is about living HIV free. Commissioned by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and in partnership with Rocky Mountain Cares, Life Point Denver and more, this mural revolved around the idea that HIV is no longer a death sentence. As Lindee painted this mural on the side of a new gay bar, so many visitors stopped by to tell her how much it meant to them.

Where to find it: Denver Sweet, 776 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO

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1 - Chris Haven

Photos by Peter Kowalchuk ©

Chris Haven has made his mark all over Denver and other cities, mostly with his highly recognizable Pyramid People. The two photos above only portray three designs when Chris paints hundreds each year. Every Pyramid Person is like a regular person -- that is, they have their own personalities and appearances and hobbies and beliefs.

Where to find them: All over Denver, CO

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